Ponce de Leon Facts – Who is he?

Juan Ponce de Leon became popular because of his ventures discovering gold. He was aid to be the one who found the ever oldest settlement which is situated in Puerto Rico. This was the time when he landed on North America, in its mainland to be more specific. This was the time when he dubbed a particular region as Florida. There are so many interesting Ponce de Leon facts that history geeks would surely take an interest on. What are these?

The Life of Ponce de Leon Facts

Ponce de Leon was born in the year 1460 in Spain. This was led by Juan Ponce de Leon which initiated the conquest to Europe for their gold search. Basically, he was able to bring his troop in the southeast coast. This now turned out to be the United States. He was responsible for coining the name for Florida. With this, he turned out to be the very first Puerto Rican governor.

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The early years of Juan Ponce de Leon was tracked as him being poor. Despite this though, he came from a noble clan from Santervas de Campos, in Spain. He was born in the year 1460. During that time, he was at a page of the court in Aragon. This was the time he learned various social skills. The same was also true with military and religion tactics. This was the time when he turned out to be a soldier who then fought against the presence of the Moors near that in Granada. As compared to other conquistadores, de Leon then became popular. This was true for his fortune with that of exploration. It turned out that he started his quest. This was a relevant part of the second expedition of Christopher Columbus. This transpired in the year 1943. When he was still in his explorations, he got to employ various skills and even tactics that he was able to learn during his adventures in the military. This was the time when he control and subdue the native people located in the Caribbean.

During the 1500, settlements were devised by Ponce de Leon involving Hispaniola. This is now the modern Dominican Republic and Haiti. He began by putting up farms and he even constructed defenses because he was hoping to establish an island colony directed towards Spain. After all the hard work, his efforts suddenly paid off and he really got to prosper well. He sold livestock to most of the Spanish ships which were about to return home during that time. He also helped the suppressed native Carib. This occurred as there was an uprising happening around the Hispaniola. In the year 1504, Ponce de Leon was then referred to as a provincial governor. This was directed towards the eastern part of the country. When he returned to his return from that of Spain, he decided to marry Leonora. They had three children when they were still together. His profits became one of the determinant of his success. He inspired a lot of his fellowmen during that time.